Friday, August 21, 2009

A Summer's Productive Work Well Done

So at the beginning of the summer I was taught how to use Publisher, and a few months work worth of silly puns, free time, and back-breaking dedication has produced these gems. I didn't come up with most of the ideas - brainstorming with a talented team of writers at The Works and on road trips took care of the only hard part for me - so I can't take full credit for these. If you have any ideas for more please tell me in the comments!

Sir John A Macdonald had a Farm

Yosemite Samuel de Champlain

Sir John Franklin the Turtle

This last one came from a story Lilly was telling about her pets named Sid, Thor, and Spock. I put this together for the benefit of the people who were in on the joke, but it turned into one of my favourites of all the silliness I have accomplished this summer. I hope there is a certain populist charm to the abject tomfoolery of it though, so that all can enjoy:

Also! If I have time today I'm going to get going on my first history-based post. I'll be tackling the gruesome but often hilarious in hindsight Coppermine Expedition of 1819-1822. It was the first of Franklin's arctic explorations, not quite so famous as his last, but equally as harrowing. More so even because some of people on this expedition lived to tell the tale, rather than dissapearing in the Great White and leaving up to scientists in the 1980s to piece it all together. I'm not sure just what it is about Franklin that I find so intrigueing, other than a love of winter and Stan Rogers, but the Coppermine Expedition is a barrel of laughs that involves freezing to death (I hope!), eating your own boots because the fur trading companies are screwing you over, and some light cannibalism.

If you have anything you would like me to delve into, let me know.

Snuggly and Sincerely,

Your friend Lina

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  1. This thingamy of yours has the potential to become the Best Thing to happen to the internet since pornography! And at least as popular! I am excited to hear about the coppermine expedition, what with me being from the North and all, where we have far too many things named after a guy who sucked at finding the northwest passage, refused the help of the native peoples and after getting most of his crew killed managed to persuade the Crown to let him finish the job.

    If you're looking for something else to write about, I would like to hear about the unification of Italy, and how opera (particularly Verdi) played a comically large role.