Monday, October 31, 2011

Cozy with a Hint of Summer

Here's a little something I wore to work yesterday, boys and girls.

The black shirt was switched out for the work shirt (which is another black shirt, just with the cafe's logo on it), but largely speaking this is the sort of thing I've been living in for the past little while.  I like the mix of summer in with some more weather appropriate pieces too.  I wore little else than these shoes, this necklace, and these shorts from June through to September.  I guess I went through withdrawal cause they're back with a vengeance, strengthened by the power of tights and knits!

This sweater is amazing, just what I had been looking for, and I have barely taken it off since I got it.  Showering has been put on hiatus because of it.  I bought twelve more and stitched a blanket out of them so I can sleep in it too.

Well, not really.  But now you know my level of devotion.  To old and new.

Sweater - Joe Fresh
Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - So old I have no idea
Tights - American Apparel
Shoes - Aldo
Necklace - H&M? I think? Might be F21
Ring - Victoire

Right ho folks, I'm soon to be out the door wearing this same sweater, complement by blue gloves, a blue bike, and a way-cool blue helmet.

At least the sweater is fashionable.


Your friend Lina 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Historical Recreations

They aren't always accurate are they, boys and girls?

Here's a a redo of the outfit I wore in Montreal last week.  However, I have since accrued a poppy and lost a treasured necklace and pair of rings.  I know they're in the house somewhere (somewhere, somewhere!) but they're still evading capture.  I can assure you though, they really completed this ensemble.

I like to this of this as my Selective Potential outfit.  I didn't consciously think of Tieka when putting this one together, but I guess things seep in after a while, eh?  Her's was one of the first fashion blogs I ever read, and is still one of my absolute favourites.  So I guess an homage to her isn't out of order, haha!


Scarf - American Apparel
Coat - Forever 21
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - Chinese Laundry
Dress - Forever 21
Belt - Forever 21

Have a great Sunday folks!  I'm off to work this afternoon, so I'll be changing into the work t-shirt and skirt I always wear. . .

Take care,

Your friend Lina

Visits Abroad

Traversing provincial borders counts as abroad, right boys and girls?

Earlier this week I took a quick little trip to meet up with my best and brightest in Montreal.  I usually get one day off during the week and one day off at the weekend at my jorb so until something changes, my visits are going to have to be these twenty-four hour jaunts.  I must admit however, this trip was certainly easier than my last four-day sojourn.  Since I only was there for the limited amount of time, there wasn't as much scheduling, packing, or hauling of said packing to be done.  Instead I just thoroughly enjoyed the company I was able to see, and have made sure to see those whom I missed next time!

I arrived just before eleven on Tuesday, and had lunch with a dear school friend.  We hadn't been able to catch up for some time (although she's from just outside of Ottawa) because we were always in the city that the other wasn't since school ended last year.  After a huge and indulgent lunch, we worked it off with a bit of shopping.  We each ended up trying on the same dresses (and deciding against them) and buying the same coat.  Lots of people have asked if we're sisters (we look a lot alike and have the same taste), so we'll be sure not to wear them together and look like creepy twins!

When she went off to class, I went to meet my best gal at the best cafe in downtown Montreal, Myriade.  Working at Bridgehead has turned me into somewhat of a coffee and espresso snob, and Myriade is the only cafe I know in downtown that does things the way Bridgehead does.  It's a very small place, teeming with connoisseurs, students, hipsters, and proper adults alike, so we took a seat on the patio to enjoy the somewhat chilly but absolutely charming fall day.  Other friends found us there, and then we moved onto my old workplace in Westmount where more friends were working as baristas.  We then languished there (with lovely featured drop-ins!) until my man came to collect me when he was done work.

My favourite gal. . .
. . . at my favourite cafe
The man and I then went down to the Lachine Canal, which has quickly become one of my favourite spots in Montreal.  Since the city is so old, there is never any want of historical areas.  The canal is my favourite though because it was the highway of industry in the nineteenth century.  I love tripping along the train tracks, staring down the waterway as far as the eye can see, and watching the lights come on in the old-factories-turned-new-condos.  We stayed there until the sun went down.

Steel, Wood, Iron
Cradle of Industry
Past vs. Present
When it got cold and fear and hunger were gripping our insides (not really), we moseyed on over to another favourite spot of mine, The Burgundy Lion.  It's an English Pub in St. Henri that really does pull out all the stops.  It has Britainiana all over the walls, Pimm's on the cocktail menu (of course I had to get one), and very traditional pub fare.  For example, I had a scotch egg and chicken tikka masala.  I don't think it gets any more British than that, now does it boys and girls?  We whiled away the evening there and then meandered around St. Henri for the rest of the night.  It was quintessentially Montreal and delightfully anchored in the past (both historical and personal), so of course this little nostalgia freak was pleased as punch.

Sunrise ft. Farine Five Roses
The next morning I went back to my old, and now my friend's, cafe for breakfast and coffee and then headed back to Ottawa.  I made it home in time to drop off my stuff and change before then quickly heading off to a full day of work!  No rest for the wicked.

All in all, I would say good things come in small packages, boys and girls.


Your friend Lina

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Lunch

There are few things better than a lazy Sunday afternoon, are there boys and girls?

Here's a quick few photos of what I wore out to lunch with a friend this afternoon.  My new sweater and dress are fast becoming staples, that's fer sher.  I'm sure everyone I know is sick of seeing me in this, but I think it's the perfect combo of casual, dressed, and autumnal.

Scarf - American Apparel
Sweater - Forever 21
Dress - Forever 21
Tights - They're ancient, I really have no idea
Boots - Chinese Laundry from Westboro's Shoe Inn
Bag - H&M

Here's to cold crisp days, hot crisp fish and chips, and hot sweet cider!


Your friend Lina

Well You Sew What You Sew What You Say

Well last Friday night, I was the luckiest gal in Ottawa, boys and girls.

You see, one of my favourite bands was playing in Ottawa, but the show was all sold out.  My brother had tickets with his business partners, but I didn't get mine soon enough.  In a last ditch attempt, I texted him the morning of to see if anyone had dropped out on his end.  And not that I'd really revel in the misfortune of others, but one of his guys was sick so I got to go!

And so it was off to Maverick's to see Elliott BROOD.  They're a Toronto band who rock just the absolute hardest on a fleet of banjos, ukes, guitars, and drums.  I've been a fan since my friend introduced me to them at Bluesfest years ago.  They just came out with a new album, which is an absolute tour de force.  It's a lot softer than their older stuff, but each listen makes me love it more and more.  I've been listening to it on repeat since the second I got home with it in my hot little hands.

Their concert was an awesome amalagam of new and old.  I loved hearing their new album from the horses mouth, as it were, and the set list was a dream come true.  They played 'Write it All Down for You' for the finale and 'Miss You Now' for the encore (my two favourites, boys and girls).  Nothing like good old-fashioned foot stomping on a good old-fashioned Friday night!

Here's a few shots of them in all their bevested glory:

My fellow concergoers, Ryan, Steve, and Joey

In that northern air

Apparently they put this sign up after Elliott BROOD's last show there

Well I've been missin' all your kissin'

Hey hey hey!
We forgot that we were men and where we came from and where we laid our heads (boys and girls).


Your friend Lina

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Memories of Thanksgiving

Man, if PC made that sauce, boys and girls, I would totally eat it with a spoon.

Yeesh!  I guess it's already been a week since Thanksgiving, that most glorious of Canadian holidays.  We had a lovely time at the Crompton Estate.  One branch of the extended family arrived on Friday night, and the rest on Saturday morning.  As soon as I was home from work on Saturday, we went for our annual walk-about-the-neighbourhood, to look at my brother's jobs (he's a landscaper and you can check the fabulous work he does here).  We then had lovely naps, silly drinks, and delicious dinners until the cows came home.  This is why Thanksgiving is so great - a giant family celebration where the main activity is eating, drinking, and gadding!

On Sundays we always have an event.  Some years it's been going to an art gallery, a museum, or one of my favourites, apple-picking.  This year we opted for a short, easy, and nice little hike in the Gatineaus.  This is the joy of living in a "city" like Ottawa.  you drive for about fifteen minutes from the downtown, and your smack-dab in the middle of one of the country's greatest natural wonders.  The weather was glorious, the trees splendiferous, and the hiking frabjous.  Here are a few highlights from the day out:

The glorious colours on the drive up

View from the road of the lake at the edge of our hike

Starting off, featuring the bums of Cromptons and Fruhwirths alike

The first big payoff - a spectacular and breath-taking view of Quebec farmland

All the present cousins, nicely in a row.  The squinting is either because it's super sunny, or because we are super related

Kyle planking like a good hooligan at our second viewpoint

What he saw as he planked.  Nice place the Ottawa Valley, eh?

Our lunch spot - we couldn't possibly go three hours without eating, could we?

A pictorial representation of the weekend's emotions, ft. Renee and Emma in the convertible
That night we had all the trimmings of the perfect Thanksgiving, care of my mother-dear and other doting aunts.  After all the adults went to bed, us kids got up to our usual antics. . . PTFOing at, like, midnight, on the couch whilst watching some David Attenborough.

Most everyone left on Monday morning (after the second traditional neighbourhood walk), but my cousin Emma stayed for the day.  She did homework while I read and interneted, and I took her to another branch of the coffeeshop I'm working at.  She's also a barista, so our conversations tend to espresso really easily (that, or our grandmother - we're really quite alienating to those around us, haha).  We spent the evening chatting, watching videos, and snuggling as all good cousins do.

So I guess now begins the countdown for next year!

Keep memorially warm on these cold, grey, blustery days, boys and girls!


Your friend Lina

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Tenterhooks

It begins, boys and girls!

We're expecting the first boatload of Cromptons to start arriving any minute now, and I couldn't be more excited!  Thanksgiving here is a big weekend-long affair filled with my most favourite family!

I've put on something a little bit nice, a little bit laid-back, and (I think) a little bit stylish in anticipation!  I feel like a sexy old lady hostess from the 60s. . . leopard print always feels a little cougarish to me.  Doesn't stop me from wearing it in lots of incarnations though (two headbands, a skirt, a sweater, a belt, shoes. . . .)!

Again, I'm not satisfied with the laptop pictures, but we'll make it through this together, ok boys and girls?
Clean hair and fresh make-up: a special treat for the guests

All black and all leopard, two of my favourites

Just got the call that they're in the city! Thumbs up all 'round!

Cardigan - H&M
Black Lace Tank - La Senza
Black Bandeau Dress (Worn as Skirt) - American Apparel
Black Tights - American Apparel

Have the Happiest of Thanksgivings, boys and girls!


Your friend Lina

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newspaper Nails

Another quick one while I'm on a roll and looking through my old photos, boys and girls.

A while back when I was still the ghost of running from store to store (dropping off resumes), I got chatting with the gal at the new Magpie in my neighbourhood.  She had these super colourful and geometric nails, so I complemented her on them (never to early to grease the wheel).

She told me she did them herself using the technique of newspaper nails, although she had used an old comic book.  My house is more in abundance of the former than the latter, so I gave them a try when I got home.  I just used a really basic tutorial, and they could not be easier.

You paint your base coat (teal for me cause I don't own any other colour but I think a light grey would look the coolest).  Once they're dry (and I mean really dry), dip them in rubbing alcohol for five seconds.  Press a little bit of newsprint (or comicprint) onto the whole of the nail and hold there for a spell (I think it looks better on the diagonal than straight across, FYI).  When you peel it off, the newsprint will have transferred right on over.  Repeat with the rest of your hand, and then finish with a topcoat.

I never got a call back, but at least I got something out of the experience!

Hot off the presses, read all about it, 

Your friend Lina

Who Has Two Thumbs and Misses Bad Weather?

This guy!  That's who, boys and girls.

I won't go so far as to say I hate summer, but I might have to go so far as to say I hate summer.  I hate being hot, I hate humidity, I hate not being able to wear tights, sweaters, scarves, hats, I hate make-up running off my face.

Thanks Scrooge, do you also hate kittens and when the babies laugh?  I realise it's a silly thing to dislike, but I'm just a cold-weather gal.  Give me two pairs of tights, a parka, and -30 and I'm your man (girl).

This is why I was so excited the other day when it was rainy and freezing and miserable.  Layers!  I cried out.  Put on a cozy outfit to stay warm inside with!  And now it's sunny and in the mid-twenties again (at least this weekend will be).  And it's October!  I bought a bunch of super awesome big sweaters and blazers and things, boys and girls, and I haven't been able to wear them yet.  I just hate waste, that's what it is! Haha!

Anyway, here's a room-cleaning, book-reading, nap-taking outfit I wore the other day when it was delightfully disgusting outside.  Here's to climatic unpleasantness and still having to take photos with my laptop!

Poppin' dem collars like it ain't no thang

Skeletons are the best bedtime buddies

The outfit if I were studious and could see things

I may be short, but I can still look sternly up down my long nose at you

Black Shirt - Forever 21
Plaid Shirt - Simons (a year-and-a-half ago)
Cardigan - American Apparel
Jeggings (yes, yes, shut up) - H&M

So, yes, however much I bemoan sunshine and warm rays wrapping you in an embrace like the awkward side-hug from a friend you don't like, I'm still super looking forward to this weekend.  The whole extended family will be descending onto our house like so many enthusiastic birds.  There will be much drinking, eating, gadding, and laughing.  It's one of my favourite weekends of the whole year!  So Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Grr, arg, mmm,

Your friend Lina

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ol' Four Eyes and A New Development

The new development first. . .

When I was out and about this weekend, I got my picture snapped for a brand-spakin'-new street style blog for Ottawa West! It's not up and running just yet, but when it is (later this week, I believe), you'll be able to find it here. I'll be sure to link it up again here when yours truly will be gracing the homepage.

The blog is headed up by a charming gal named Fiona. I got to chat with her a bit when she took my picture. She was just as forlorn as I that there aren't too too many Ottawa-centred fashion blogs, and so decided to start one up herself. She's got links to the few Ottawa fashion blogs that are out there, as well as to some of the bestest stores and boutiques that Wellington West and Westboro have to offer. I can't wait to see this awesome project get off the ground!

All of this has led me to try to get back into the swing of things here again too. So let's start small and work our way up, why don't we boys and girls? I still have yet to procure a new camera, so for the next little while all my pictures on here will (unfortunately) be taken with my macbook, and if I'm lucky my dad's old cannon.

So without further ado, my new specs:

My slightly-bigger-than-my-old-pair new Levi's glasses!

I imagine this is how I will look in the winter: two-dollar toque and about-to-be-fogged frames

I also snagged a pair of snazzy cat-eye glasses at Value Village - they don't prescription lenses in them so they'll be strictly for days when I wear contacts or don't care to see very well

Facilitating my love of dress up: Shmexy Specs for Silly Sixties Librarian Vixen Costume?

Actually four-eyed,

Your friend Lina