Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newspaper Nails

Another quick one while I'm on a roll and looking through my old photos, boys and girls.

A while back when I was still the ghost of running from store to store (dropping off resumes), I got chatting with the gal at the new Magpie in my neighbourhood.  She had these super colourful and geometric nails, so I complemented her on them (never to early to grease the wheel).

She told me she did them herself using the technique of newspaper nails, although she had used an old comic book.  My house is more in abundance of the former than the latter, so I gave them a try when I got home.  I just used a really basic tutorial, and they could not be easier.

You paint your base coat (teal for me cause I don't own any other colour but I think a light grey would look the coolest).  Once they're dry (and I mean really dry), dip them in rubbing alcohol for five seconds.  Press a little bit of newsprint (or comicprint) onto the whole of the nail and hold there for a spell (I think it looks better on the diagonal than straight across, FYI).  When you peel it off, the newsprint will have transferred right on over.  Repeat with the rest of your hand, and then finish with a topcoat.

I never got a call back, but at least I got something out of the experience!

Hot off the presses, read all about it, 

Your friend Lina

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  1. I'm definitively going to try this out!
    p.s i'm super jealous you live in Canada!