Sunday, October 30, 2011

Visits Abroad

Traversing provincial borders counts as abroad, right boys and girls?

Earlier this week I took a quick little trip to meet up with my best and brightest in Montreal.  I usually get one day off during the week and one day off at the weekend at my jorb so until something changes, my visits are going to have to be these twenty-four hour jaunts.  I must admit however, this trip was certainly easier than my last four-day sojourn.  Since I only was there for the limited amount of time, there wasn't as much scheduling, packing, or hauling of said packing to be done.  Instead I just thoroughly enjoyed the company I was able to see, and have made sure to see those whom I missed next time!

I arrived just before eleven on Tuesday, and had lunch with a dear school friend.  We hadn't been able to catch up for some time (although she's from just outside of Ottawa) because we were always in the city that the other wasn't since school ended last year.  After a huge and indulgent lunch, we worked it off with a bit of shopping.  We each ended up trying on the same dresses (and deciding against them) and buying the same coat.  Lots of people have asked if we're sisters (we look a lot alike and have the same taste), so we'll be sure not to wear them together and look like creepy twins!

When she went off to class, I went to meet my best gal at the best cafe in downtown Montreal, Myriade.  Working at Bridgehead has turned me into somewhat of a coffee and espresso snob, and Myriade is the only cafe I know in downtown that does things the way Bridgehead does.  It's a very small place, teeming with connoisseurs, students, hipsters, and proper adults alike, so we took a seat on the patio to enjoy the somewhat chilly but absolutely charming fall day.  Other friends found us there, and then we moved onto my old workplace in Westmount where more friends were working as baristas.  We then languished there (with lovely featured drop-ins!) until my man came to collect me when he was done work.

My favourite gal. . .
. . . at my favourite cafe
The man and I then went down to the Lachine Canal, which has quickly become one of my favourite spots in Montreal.  Since the city is so old, there is never any want of historical areas.  The canal is my favourite though because it was the highway of industry in the nineteenth century.  I love tripping along the train tracks, staring down the waterway as far as the eye can see, and watching the lights come on in the old-factories-turned-new-condos.  We stayed there until the sun went down.

Steel, Wood, Iron
Cradle of Industry
Past vs. Present
When it got cold and fear and hunger were gripping our insides (not really), we moseyed on over to another favourite spot of mine, The Burgundy Lion.  It's an English Pub in St. Henri that really does pull out all the stops.  It has Britainiana all over the walls, Pimm's on the cocktail menu (of course I had to get one), and very traditional pub fare.  For example, I had a scotch egg and chicken tikka masala.  I don't think it gets any more British than that, now does it boys and girls?  We whiled away the evening there and then meandered around St. Henri for the rest of the night.  It was quintessentially Montreal and delightfully anchored in the past (both historical and personal), so of course this little nostalgia freak was pleased as punch.

Sunrise ft. Farine Five Roses
The next morning I went back to my old, and now my friend's, cafe for breakfast and coffee and then headed back to Ottawa.  I made it home in time to drop off my stuff and change before then quickly heading off to a full day of work!  No rest for the wicked.

All in all, I would say good things come in small packages, boys and girls.


Your friend Lina

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