Monday, October 3, 2011

Ol' Four Eyes and A New Development

The new development first. . .

When I was out and about this weekend, I got my picture snapped for a brand-spakin'-new street style blog for Ottawa West! It's not up and running just yet, but when it is (later this week, I believe), you'll be able to find it here. I'll be sure to link it up again here when yours truly will be gracing the homepage.

The blog is headed up by a charming gal named Fiona. I got to chat with her a bit when she took my picture. She was just as forlorn as I that there aren't too too many Ottawa-centred fashion blogs, and so decided to start one up herself. She's got links to the few Ottawa fashion blogs that are out there, as well as to some of the bestest stores and boutiques that Wellington West and Westboro have to offer. I can't wait to see this awesome project get off the ground!

All of this has led me to try to get back into the swing of things here again too. So let's start small and work our way up, why don't we boys and girls? I still have yet to procure a new camera, so for the next little while all my pictures on here will (unfortunately) be taken with my macbook, and if I'm lucky my dad's old cannon.

So without further ado, my new specs:

My slightly-bigger-than-my-old-pair new Levi's glasses!

I imagine this is how I will look in the winter: two-dollar toque and about-to-be-fogged frames

I also snagged a pair of snazzy cat-eye glasses at Value Village - they don't prescription lenses in them so they'll be strictly for days when I wear contacts or don't care to see very well

Facilitating my love of dress up: Shmexy Specs for Silly Sixties Librarian Vixen Costume?

Actually four-eyed,

Your friend Lina

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