Monday, September 26, 2011

Snapshots from Summer

As it would be too daunting to recap all of the gloriousness that was my Montreal summer, I'll think I'll let the pictures do the talking again. Here's some highlights from the marvelous metrop (and other gettings-away)!

The Montreal Botanical Garden with visitors

Montreal fireworks competition every Wednesday and Saturday

Climbing the Mountain with the best of friends

Making new friends in new neighbourhoods

Seeing one of my favourite bands on big and small stages

Dinner in the park whilst watching Sh

And my favourite place in the world to finish it all up . . .

. . . with glorious traditions . . .

. . . the sun streaming in . . .

. . . old standbys . . .

. . . and the most perfect view in the world

It was a good summer everybody.

Thanks for it all,

Your friend Lina

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