Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shape Up or Ship Up?

Kay, so I'm experimenting with a new layout. I've spent a bit more time with this bad boy in the last few days (yeah, prolific Crompton, how about the FOUR MONTHS where you did nothing? Yes, I know, slap on the wrist), and I want it to look pretty. I'm a pretty prolific blog-reader, and as I hope to get better at being a b-writer, I want my space to reflect the effort I want to put in.

That being said, what do y'all think about this new layout? I very much like the background, and will certainly change it about based on the season, my mood, what the major trends in my life are, but I have to say I'm not so jazzed about how it reads. I'm glad I was able to find my favourite font again, but what do y'all (yes, all 12 of you? Dare I dream that I even have 12 readers?) think about it. I think it might be kinda hard to read the text on top of the translucent background over the globe.

Do you have any suggestions about how to make either the background darker or the text more readable? Or should I just change it back to the plain-jane? Does anyone else use blogspot and know better how to customise than I do?

Any pointers or opinions would be appreciated. Just leave a comment. Maybe then I'll know who, if anyone (other than my father), reads this thing.

Attached to my laptop yet still so tech un-savy,

Your friend Lina

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