Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Charming Man

I have had just the nicest weekend, exactly the sort of thing the younger me thought the cooler older me would be doing at this point in her life. I'm probably not as cool as I hoped I would be, but if I can keep this sort of weekend as my norm then I'll be well on my way.

It started out on Thursday with an unexpected night of boozing with my favourite history buddies turning into a luxurious evening of getting to know each other even better. Why is this only happening in my last semester? Better late than never, and it's definitely going to leave me with excellent memories of what McGill can be.

On Friday I moved into my cousins apartment for the day (both her roomies and mine are gone for the weekend). We made a dinner of red-wine sauteed peppers stuffed into portobello mushrooms, and then went back to the same history buddy's place for a party, where many a pleasant person was met. The cous and I trekked back through the cold cold Montreal streets (we had to stop a few times in banks etc to warm up) for a sleepover of only the best familial proportions.

We woke up late on Saturday and spent the day doing homework, loving Harry Potter (I'm pretty sure she's the only person in my immediate circle who likes Daniel Radcliffe best, like me), and cooking and eating. I then left in the evening for a final drink with one of my best gals before she heads off on exchange to the Netherlands on Monday. It's so fun to be able to relate exactly to her anxieties (not that anxieties are fun but. . .). She and her boyfriend (who's also on exchange at the moment) are both going through the exact same stuff that I did when I was about to leave and got there, and it just makes me sooo nostalgic for those feelings and nostalgic for the experiences that are to come for them, just like they did for me! I think Bristol nostalgia is really going to be the focus of this blog from now on. . . it just pervades every essence of my being, so how can it not?

Today I slept in (cause, you know, I deserve it), and have spent the day reading new blogs and listening to new music. I am now a firm convert of Lulu Letty. Whilst perusing I've been listening to Trampled by Turtles (my brother just introduced me to them and few people rock harder on banjos and violins, I can tell you) and Bombay Bicycle Club. I know I'm late to the scene with BBC, but they are super great you guys.

I also like the real BBC a lot this weekend too. Few things are as lovely on a Sunday morning as finding your favourite YouTube channel has uploaded a new QI XL.

I guess I am a girl of simple pleasures, and few weekends have been as simply pleasurable as this. I hope yours was lovely too!


Your friend Lina

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