Thursday, February 3, 2011

Autumn Sunshine in a Blizzard

Did you get the crazy snowfall that we did yesterday? If the news/internet is to be believed (and I've had it confirmed by my mother in Ottawa, so far away), it seems as if most of North America got hit with a good old fashioned blizzard yesterday. My favourite part about it was that Southern Ontario shut down, Toronto had to "use snowplows" (as one surprised councilman said in an article from the CBC, usually they only have to salt), and that Montreal didn't even get issued with a weather warning.

I must admit, even though it was kinda a hard slog to trek between buildings at school and then back home again in it, it certainly does make the city ever so pretty. And this morning, totally blue skies! Winter really can be the best.

That isn't to say that Autumn isn't great too. Here's a few outfit picks from that same Thanksgiving weekend. The whole family went apple picking at a nearby farm, but since they had had a bad harvest that year, the highlight really was taking a walk on the "nature hike", ie the path through the trees. Ever so lovely in weather and company!

Me and My father-dear

Me and my (more fashionable than I am) cousins

The purpose of the day

Nature hikin'

Reprieve of the birch photos

Getting sassy in the wilderness

Hoodie: AA (My Roommate's)
Dress (worn as skirt): AA
Scarf: Market stall on holiday in Siena
Purse: H&M
Jacket (tied around purse): Primark
Tights: Christmas gift, probably something like Zellers or Sears
Old-lady Loafers: Zellers
Glasses: Hakim Optical (my first big word)

Always so fond of the weather you're not having eh? Hopefully I'll get some sweet winter shots from New York this weekend! I hope you have a good one yourself!


Your friend Lina

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