Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gunna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home

I think a bike is a gal's best accessory, boys and girls.

I mean, yeah, I do love me a good necklace.  Scarves? Scarves are possibly my favourite type of clothing, let alone article of.

But bikes!  They can be cute, tough, unique, or trendy.  They're an accessory than can themselves be accessorised with baskets, panniers, flowers, ribbons on the handlebars, or clackers on the wheels (well, those last two? Maybe not after the age of ten).

And they get you places!  Like your neighbourhood friends' houses, your downtown high-school, or your workplace at six in the morning (too specific?).  No necklace of mine has ever delivered so magnanimously!

So this, boys and girls, is my Blue Bomber.  I will admit that oftentimes the gears will skip, the seat will be uncomfortable, and the basket is very very tenuously connected to the frame.  But I feel like I rescued it from an untimely demise when I inherited it from a friend a few years back.  Since then I've installed an entirely new set of gears, applied three or four cans of WD-40, and undergone many a late-night gear adjustment.  And in return, this little drivers-licenseless girl gets to go from point A to B!  That's all pretty alright with me!

Scarf - Gift from my brother from Greece
Jacket - Old Navy
Lace Shirt - Primark (UK)
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - Joe Fresh
Socks - My Dad's 
Boots - H&M
Purse - H&M

Ok, bikes aside, let's talk about these clothes (that's why we're here, right?).  As a whole, yeah, I like this outfit I guess, but all its separate parts make my heart sing.  My brother brought me back this scarf from Europe and it has been my absolute favourite ever since.  I've had many another paisley scarf, but none can unseat this one for pattern, weight, tie-ability, or colour.  The purse is THE PERFECT BAG for me.  It has rips and tears and sometimes isn't big enough for all the nonsense I cart around, but the school-boy style is to die for and it goes with everything I own.  The lace shirt is from MY year abroad, and was, I think, the first piece of truly racy clothing that I owned.  I changed a lot that year, grew into my skin, became the most confident I've ever been, and also it only cost like five pounds.  The jean jacket is pretty new, but I really like it!  And the boots: well obviously I love these boots.

Well folksies, I have nothing more to say to you than put on some clothes you like and get from point A to B today!

(Which, I guess, is just life in a nutshell, eh?)


Your friend Lina

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