Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring is Sprung, the Gras is Gris, I Wonder What Your Housefit Is?

Before yesterday, I had had one day off in ten, boys and girls.

Don't get me wrong.  My job is tonnes of fun and I want to be working as much as I can in the next few months to save up for my big trip.  But sometimes (oftentimes) one day off is not enough.

Which is why I'm pretty much in lazy-man's heaven right now.  I've got three days off in a row, I've recently acquired both seasons of Sherlock, and I've got little-to-nothing pressing on my to-do list.

It's days like today then, boys and girls, that call for another round of Housefit!  Come the warmer months, leggings and a big wool sweater don't really cut it anymore.  But long, flowing, stretchy dresses sure do.  I happened upon the habit of maxi-dress-as-housewear from my cousin last summer.  Rather than sticking to the furnishings as one would do in shorts and a tank top, one gets breezy comfort from all this fabric.  And if it gets cooler in the evening time, as spring and summer are wont to do, it doubles as a light blanket!

Picnicking?  No worries, you've got a built-in drop-sheet.

Day at the beach?  Save your pasty, pasty skin from burning while at the same time keeping sand out of untoward places.

Lying on the couch watching Sherlock or listening to Songs of Man by One Hundred Dollars (more First World War folk nostalgia!)?  Then I've got the outfit for you:

Dress - H&M (in England, two years ago)
Shirt - H&M (in Montreal, two months ago)

Should it really be worth a blog post if I'm only wearing two things?  Only time, and the uprising of an oppressed mass who can take no more will tell!

Lie on a couch today in solidarity with your days-off-work brethren!


Your friend Lina 

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