Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer of Dreamz

Well that may be a bit presumptuous, but I am have a friggin' great summer boys and girls.

I'm living in THE BEST apartment with my most excellent cousin Emma. There is honestly nothing like living with family. We understand eachother in a way that I've never had with a roomie before (even though I've always had lovely ones). And this is honestly my dream apartment as well. It's VERY Montreal. It's a walk-up with high ceilings, exposed brick, nice mouldings, washer and dryer, big kitchen, and my cousin is in Fine Art so we have beautiful decorations everywhere. Don't ever make me leave!

Justin (Bieber, Trudeau, or Emperor Justinian), QI book (because the show alone is not enough), and skelingtons!

I graduated last week with First Class Honours in History from McGill. And William Shatner was our Honourary Doctor. It was a really fun day (I wasn't expecting that!) and I've really never beamed quite so much as when one of my favourite professors was waiting at the end of the stage to give me a hug. My parents came down for the occasion (they really are so good at doting upon me), and I think a really great time was had by all. I've got to hand it to McGill, they really know how to put a nice cap (har-de-har) on four years of incredible work.

Me and my lovely Miim!

Soon after school ended (about a month and a half ago) I also got a job at a local cafe, and it too is going so well. I adore everyone who works there (although about half of them are leaving soon); for the most part the customers are nice and courteous and friendly; and there is no boon like free and cheap coffee and food. I'm now on a four-to-five caffeinated beverages a day, so I expect withdrawl symptoms to be quick and fast if/when I'm finished working there myself.

I've also been taking full advantages of my weekends off to go here and there, both about Montreal and elsewhere in the Queebs and the Onts. My cousin and one of my best friends have already come to visit, and there are more arriving this week! We've also started the Canadian summer tradition of cottaging at every available turn last weekend at Josh's place outside of Ottawa, and hopefully we will be going back there, and elsewhere, as the summer rolls on!

So, you know, it's may not be adventures every day but I am feeling the most charmed I've ever been!

Keep in touch, boys and girls!


Your friend Lina

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