Tuesday, June 14, 2011

True North, Strong and Free

Two weekends ago, boys and girls, the gang went up to Josh's cottage for our first of the summer!

I headed over to Lilly and Nathan's earl-eye in the morning on Saturday laden with treats (Lilly's delicious mango/avocado/black bean salad and the fixins for s'mores) and we all heave-ho'd into our little rented car for the trip (which was a nice 3-hour drive). We brought Lilly's dog with us who is becoming something of a grumpy old lady, so she was in constant motion trying to find the best way to lie down in a tiny space that didn't hurt her old lady hips. Needless to say, when we got out at the cottage it looked as if Nathan and I were also shedding animals. Which I'm not particularly in need of, what with my already-ridiculous mane.

Upon arrival, Josh and Ian and Josh's dog (a delightful doofus) were already there, so we promptly unloaded all the food, grabbed beers, and then basically just spent 24 hours on the dock. A few of the crew joined the lobster team (a beautiful radioactive glow to get the summer off to a good start!), but I was super diligent with the sunscreen so I was just a mite bit more tan/pinkish in regions. There was one spot that I consecutively missed on my upper arm, so it became the apocryphal story of how red I am capable of getting.

Missing Josh and Lilly . . . and a special mention goes to Nathan

However, for the most part, my only casualty from the weekend were from mosquito bites. I've always been particularly delicious to them (all that good CO2 I produce), and this weekend was no exception. I counted 27 bites on ONE of my legs. This does not include feet, my other leg, arms, or back. Which had also been summarily munched upon. I blame the having to pee in the woods. Hopefully by the next time we go up they will have sorted out the septic system so no more disturbing mosquitoes in their natural habitat and then standing really still for a while will be required.

The day culminated in lots of more beers, burgers and the aforementioned salads, pie, and a hookah. All of this combined with six white kids' first foray into sun exposure for a year meant that we all went to bed SUPER early. I was third to last awake, and I was asleep by 11:30. We all still slept till 11:00 on Sunday morning, but we wouldn't have done so unless we needed it right?

Sunday brought a delightfully greasy breakfast, coffee made with paper towel cause we didn't think ahead, and more dock lounging and boating. We went for a couple rides around the lake yesterday, so all of that meandering culminated in us running out of gas down a channel from Josh's cottage. We tried as best we could to get the boat up and running, but in the end we had to paddle the thing back in. And this is a 70hp motorboat we are talking about, so no small feat there. Despite that setback, you know summer has arrived when you have your feet up in the bow of a boat with nothing ahead of you but still lake-water, trees, and docks, and nothing ruffling your being but the wind in your hair (and the ruffles around your neck cause I am lady, after all).

Easily my favourite photo from the trip - entitled If Men Were Housewives

We then drove back with no great excitement, I showered, and then I was to bed - willing my legs to scratch themselves.

We're hopefully going to be heading back for the Canada day weekend, so I'll be bringing you more of the same then! I must say, I don't mind a repetitive summer when a weekend such as that is running on Dave.

Blotchily tanned,

Your friend Lina

Featuring my new favourite way to wear and scarf and keep my hair back - pretty bow to dress everything up, including the H&M romper I lived in and my old baggy AA hoodie

(NB: Most of this post was copied from an email I sent to a friend - sorry originality laws!)

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