Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All Wrapped Up in a Bow

It's no surprise that I ADORE Christmas, boys and girls.

Already being a sucker for tradition, what happens when you throw snow, scarves, eggnog, firesides, cookies, music, family, and friends into the mix?  Well then you get make the little Christmas Elf in me the absolute happiest in the whole world!  I have a few Scrooge-ish friends, and every year I make it my mission for them feel the miracle that is the Christmas season.

So consider yourself forewarned.  This whole month I will be a big festival of Christmassy gushing.  And holidays outfits.  And over-the-top matchy-matchy in red, white, green, gold, and blue.

So why not kick off my favourite time of the year in a saccharine-sweet little ensemble?  This outfit also counts as a haul post, cause I scored this red duffle coat (I had been wanting one for aaages and it was one sale!), this scarf, and these gloves over my weekend in Montreal.  I love the little bow detail on what would otherwise be just a regular pair of cheapy mitts.  I kept things Lina by wearing all black otherwise, but I couldn't resist throwing on my bow headband to match the gloves.  I've got the same headband in leopard print as well, which, come to think of it, would be pretty smashing in this ensemble too, no?

Coat - Urban Outfitters
Scarf - H&M
Headband - H&M
Gloves - H&M
Tights - Last Year's Christmas Gift
Boots - Last Year's Payless

Ok, let's get real, boys and girls.  I just threw on a few of my favourite tunes from the Sufjan Stevens Christmas Opus while my photos uploaded, and started to cry.  Because I love Christmas SO MUCH.

Now maybe you'll have some idea of what you'll be dealing with here ;)

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!


Your friend Lina


  1. aw, you look so cute! i love all of your little bow detailing...it does add so much to an outfit! and that red coat looks amazing on you!

  2. You are adorable! This is such a pretty look! Love the coat!