Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Living Vicariously

Last night my cousin crossed the Atlantic, boys and girls.

She's off for a semester abroad in Wales and I COULD NOT be more excited for her.  Not only is she my cousin, but my best friend as well.  And soulmate?  What I'm trying to say is she's arguably my favourite lady on this whole planet and I am feeling nothing but anxiety and joy and excitement for her right now.

Last week I took a little day trip to Montreal to see her off.  Here's a few shots from that lovely day.

The evening's entertainment of trying to throw a grape into Emma's mouth
Which just turned into whipping grapes at Emma's face

So close and yet so far

Prettiest girl I know

My cousin Kyle also got in on the action

I'm pretty sure she's all settled in Wales by now, so all that's left is to wait 'till she gets the internet so I can hear her stories and impressions.

Love (vicariously),

Your friend Lina

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