Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Housefit

You would think, wouldn't you boys and girls, that a person like myself would seize their non-work-shirt-wearing days by the shoulders and shake the style out of them eh?

Well, you would (sometimes) be incorrect in that line of thought.  Every once and a while I don't pop off to Montreal for twenty-four hours - like I did last week - and just stay home.  Take today, for example.  I slept late, had breakfast with my mother while she was home for lunch, finally finished watching Downton Abbey, and did a bit of light reading.  And on days like that,  I don't want to be putting on anything other than my housefit.

This housefit comes in many forms, but the standard outlines are leggings (don't tell anyone!), comfy shirt, big ol' sweater, nice warm slippers, and mane tamed.  This incarnation is particularly lovely as the shirt is very baggy and very soft and the sweater I've had forever and is absolutely perfectly worn in.

Just add couch, foxy neck pillow, book, and a lamp and you have the recipe for a very successful lazy day off!

Much along the lines of A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson moves through the rooms of the house to give a quite charming history of how and why the home is what we have today

This lil' guy also has one of them magic bags in him, so you can microwave your fox for added comfort, haha
I got a new eye-shadow palette, which is perfect for when you wanna wear makeup but don't wanna look like you're wearing make-up.  Oftentimes, being a lady is silly.

Room with a View: postcards from the Imperial War Museum in London and postcards from Bristol, dried roses from years ago and a messy, messy closet
Sweater - thrifted ages ago
Shirt - H&M
Leggings - hand-me-down American Apparel
Slippers - Forever 21
Neck Pillow - one of those weird gifts adults give to each other
Book - borrowed from my mother's collection

But worry not!  I only do this on my days off.  And when I get home from work.  And when it's raining.  And probably I should wash all these clothes. . . .

Happy vegging!


Your friend Lina  

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