Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Ready

Now that I know I'll soon be back into the academic swing of things, it's time to reboot my brain, boys and girls!

This year off has been marrrrvelous - and as I was telling a friend last night, I'm going to make the next six months of hedonism COUNT - but I think my brain has gotten a little soft in the meantime.  So I'm going to try and spend good chunks of my free time refreshing my knowledge of basic Canadian history.  I know a lot about a very little amount of material (which is inevitable the more and more one specialises), but if I'm going to TA I'll have to have the larger picture down pat.

Luckily, my mom got me this book for Christmas a few years back!  It was written by a professor at McGill who I have heard nothing but good things about.  This, combined with the notes from my summer course on Canada since Confederation (I still swoon over our dreamboat professor) will hopefully get the old mind grapes juicy again!

Scarf - American Apparel 
Sweater - American Apparel

This is also the perfect pursuit for a day like today!  Way to stick to your "in like a lion, out like a lamb" guns, March.


Your friend Lina

P.S.: Ten points for whoever gets the mind grapes reference ;)

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