Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twist and Shout

What is a hair-down gal to do when she's got to wear it up at work, boys and girls?

Why, mooch ideas off her friends and compatriots, of course!  My friend April was rocking this braid-up-the-back bun last time we hung out, and I was quite taken by it.  What a charming way to dress up what is otherwise a pretty hum-drum style for me (as I keep my hair in a bun for work day in and day out, boys and girls).

It really is pretty simple, and takes no more than a minute or two longer than your standard high bun.

Here's what you do:
- Flip your hair upside down, and starting up the bottom, french braid up the back to the crown of your head.  Secure in place (I used a clip because I always like to have something to anchor my bun around).
- Wrap your hair (keeping it pretty flat, I wanted a sort of Victorian thing) and then pin with one million bobby pins (maybe fewer if you don't have the length or thickness that I'm working with).
- Organize any other weird poky bits with another army of bobby pins, and (hair)spray spray spray spray spray! (Again, I was using this style for work so it had to stay in place for a windy walk and then eight hours of pure food service hygiene.)

And there you have it!  A pretty little way to break out of your bun rut.

(Which sounds a bit rude, doesn't it? ;) )

Keep cheeky, boys and girls!


Your friend Lina

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