Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Compelling Colour Combination

Jack White has said that he picked black, white, and red as his former band's colours because those three hues together is the most compelling colour combination in the whole world, boys and girls.

Me? I just picked it cause I nabbed this lovely skirt this afternoon and I thought this looked cute.  How can we really get dressed any other way?

That, and I'll happily take sartorial advice from the White Stripes any day.

I had just the most perfect day off today, friends.  I spent last night getting cocktails with my bestest lady who has recently returned to the glorious capital of Ottawa, slept in this morning, had a cheddar scone and egg sandwich for breakfast, caught up on the internet (yup, all of it), did a bit of shopping, ran into a great friend and spent a few hours catching up over iced coffees.  The night's only going to get better as we help my friend move, and then celebrate another great dude's most excellent birthday.

The birthday boy reads this blog and haaaaates it.  But he looooooves me, so he keeps coming back, haha!  Well here you go friend, I've made it worth the read this time eh?  Even if I'm just talking about how I like to get dressed often!  Happy Birthday while I wear clothes I like!

Speaking of getting dressed often, as summertime closes in around us I'm making a conscious effort to not get so dressed so often.  I mean, of course I will still be wearing things, but I really want to simplify what I wear and simplify my "beauty routine" for lack of a less hateful phrase.  To that end I just wanna wear simple skirts, shirts, shorts, and I've already cut the amount of make-up I wear by half.  I feel better than ever about how I look for it too!  And when I do want to get fancied up, even just a little sweep of eyeliner will do the trick!

Shirt - Forever21
Skirt - Old Navy
Sunglasses - H&M
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - Aldo
Purse - Primark

But the hair's staying big.  That will never change.

Un-Eyelined yet Bouffantedly yours,

Your friend Lina


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  2. You are adorable!

    xo Jennifer