Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Last Sunday, I had just one of the very best days a girl could ask for, boys and girls.

One of my childhood best friends was in town, so we started the day with our newfound tradition of brunch (I know brunch isn't a new tradition, but us making it for eachother sure is, so cool your jets there).  I made a big ol' fruit salad (which I did not know was her favourite, so ten telepathy votes for me), yogurt, and a poached egg on rye with petso, tomato, and cheddar.  It was the perfect cheesy goodness start to a perfect cheesy goodness day.

We then had coffee with my parents, and got a ride to the bus in my dad's convertible - which never fails to make you feel like a rockstar.  Once downtown we met up with another childhood friend and meandered the tulips in Major's Hill Park, crossed the bridge over the Civilization Museum to dangle our feet in the water and gaze back at beautiful Ottawa, and then ate gelato in a shady stone courtyard whilst discussing the big questions of life, academia, and ambition.

I then had a most lovely of family dinners.  Our neighbours stopped by for drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and then it was onto ribs and mashed potatoes and chocolate cake for the Cromptons.  As my brother took off and my parents settled in for the night, I put on my dancing shoes and off it was to Mod Night for the first time in very too long.  I could not have asked for a more perfect Sunday!

I absolutely adore days like this.  Not only do you have an excuse to eat bourbon-vanilla and nutmeg gelato, but you get to reconnect with who you are.  Having had these friends for pretty much all of my remembered life, they really are part of the fabric of my personality and outlook on the world.  We have so many shared memories, so many years to catch up on, and still so much in common.  It really makes a gal feel special and serves as a reminder that I could never possibly be lonely as long as people like this are in the world.

Enjoy whatever day you've got coming your way,


Your friend Lina

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  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love all the colors :)
    xo TJ