Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tiptoe Through the Tulips Part Two

Sometimes I worry that I'm stuck in a rut, boys and girls.

I have (largely speaking) the same friends since highschool.  I moved back to my hometown and love it here.  I can do the same thing on two separate weekends and am perfectly happy with it.

Well if that's a rut, then sign me up!

Echoing the previous, this past weekend I had another one of my very best friends in town.  Lilly came to visit me in Bristol back in the day, and this summer we're also going to be embarking on one hell of a trip together.  So to start our Friday this past week, we klatched over lattes, croissants, and calendars to plan our our big cross-Canada/West Coast jaunt.

Not ones to be satisfied with future tourism only, we then played the traveller all about Ottawa too.  After grabbing some ice tea from the old workplace, we set out to walk alllll about the city, stopping at various places for fairgrounds, tulips, pub lunch, booze, the suburbs for a party, and then back to our neighbourhood for a gathering of old friends.

Fashionable Friends and Delicious Drinks

Passing through the fairground

The tulips at Dow's Lake

Hooray for historical relations between Holland and Canada!

Lush ladies with lunchtime lagers

Back-alley wanderings

Birthday panda cupcakes!

Sunset in the suburbs

Did I mention that we did all of this with clear blue skies, a nice light breeze, and the sun shining down on us fondly?  Yup it was the perfect day.

Except for when you give this girl those conditions, she forgets indeed how white she is and gets SO BURNT.  Like, my skin still hurts now burnt.  Like I'm still pretty red burnt.  Like I was never meant to enjoy such a marvellous day and I don't deserve to be so happy and so the gods must punish me burnt.

But was the resulting skin pain and lobsterism worth it?  Of course.  It was the perfect summer day, and I CAN'T WAIT to take the perfect summer trip with this lady as well.

Go play tourist, boys and girls.  It's lovely out there!


Your friend Lina

P.S.  I'm heading to New York this morning!  I'm going to be there for a week, and then I'll come back here and gush about it.  I know, how ideal is this summer, eh?

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  1. Really good photos again, Lina!