Monday, November 14, 2011

Over the Weekend

Hello again boys and girls!

So, I may or may not have taken over a week off blogging. . . sorry about that!  I really wanted to keep on track this time around, but sometimes I get in the way of myself.  Last week I worked straight for six days, which ended up being more tiring than I expected.  Most days I didn't really want to wake up hours before my shift in order to be blogland productive when I could just watch reruns of Never Mind the Buzzcocks in bed. . .

All this to say, I'm back with a vengeance boys and girls!  Mostly powered by my awesome weekend.  Friday night I was working and starting to feel a cold coming on, but against my better judgment I went out dancing to Grillz and Glam night at Babylon (ie Hip Hop and Glam Rock, together at last!).  I had a mega-good time, but then had to spend the following morning recovering.  I subsequently spent my shift nursing my throat with ginger-lemongrass tea and promptly going to bed as soon as it was over.  Sunday I went to church with my folks (which I haven't done in a good long time, but we had a house-guest who was doing a presentation so it was best to play the good hostess) and then spent the afternoon enjoying Ottawa.  I first went to Wabi sabi, the west end's only yarn store to the best of my knowledge, and ran into an old friend there.  We had an excellent time catching up over deciding on yarn for Christmas projects, and she sent me the pattern for an awesome herringbone circle scarf.  I really look forward to tackling it after I finish the scarf for my sister!

I then met up with Zoe and we did a bit of Rideau/Market meandering and shopping.  I wasn't expecting to snag much cause the only thing I'm really looking for feverishly right now is a pair of good quality moccasins (but seeing as I want them just for around the house, I'm trying to keep it under the $100 they're looking to cost).  However, I did snag a few little trinkets and treats that I've been after for a good long time.  I can't wait incorporate all these puppies into my regular wardrobe!

Cause a Canadian girl can never have too many toques!

I've lost my heretofore favourite locket necklace, so here's hoping this will fill the void!

I know I already have a key necklace, but I'm much more inclined to wear gold/brass than silver, so this is ok, right?

I have been jonesing for a cameo ring for SO LONG and this one is perfect! And made in Quebec City to boot!

Made by the same people, how could the Victorian historian in me say no to this penny farthing necklace?

And matching bicycle bracelet? This baby was only $10! Alright, no more shopping till after Christmas. . . 
Toque - Forever 21
Locket and Key Necklaces - Aldo
Cameo Ring, Penny Farthing Necklace, and Bicycle Bracelet - Adorit Boutique

Aside from all this lovely swag, I also nabbed a cute little dress that I will debut tomorrow, boys and girls.  I've got a day off which I will be spending helping a friend with a project, looking for more yarn, running some errands, helping my mom pick out new glasses, and getting some things organized for grad school applications.  So I've got to be expertly dressed and accessorized for that, right?

Hope your weekend was equally stellar!


Your friend Lina

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