Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thinking Outside

Momentous occasion boys and girls!

Yesterday the blog actually did what I wanted it to do - make me wear something I usually wouldn't.  I mean, I still stuck with all black, a unabeshedly anglophilic blazer, and fur, but I have never worn a collared shirt underneath a regular shirt before.

And I really like it!  So I'll do it again.

Oh, but blast.  Then it won't be out of the box again.  I guess things are just going to have to get a little crazy all up in here then.

Blazer - Forever 21
Fur - Found in the basement
White Shirt - Hand-me-down from a friend
Black Shirt - Forever 21
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - American Apparel
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - Forever 21 

Enjoy this gloriously bright fall day, boys and girls!  I'm working today, but tomorrow I'm hitting up a Christmas craft fair with an old friend and her family, and then spending the afternoon and evening with my bestest lady returned from New York!

Pip pip,

Your friend Lina


  1. The blazer!! You found one!! Brilliant, I love it! And those shoes. Great outfit.
    Also, nice button up ;)

  2. Those brogues are just lovely. I am such a fan of tan and brown for the Fall. And your cardigan brings the whole look together. Beautiful!

  3. It's so fun to experiment with different looks and this one is absolutely gorgeous. Gosh, I love your coat it's SO pretty & the oxfords are fab. Love your hair by the way. Enjoy your week, girly. xo veronika

  4. Lina! You style meister. How's life post-graduation?
    Love from Singapore xx


  5. I love when my blog makes me wear something I normally wouldn't, and layering is always awesome! And those shoes!