Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leon Trotsky Thinks You're Hotsky

I hope it's going to be a nice day filled with nice people, boys and girls!

Just a few quick things. . .

1) I just won tickets to Ottawa Fashion Week from Apt613!  So I'll be heading there this weekend with a friend for a make-over (included in the package) and to soak in all the local fashion glory!

2) These are hilarious.  Maybe print some out and give them to someone special?  Or just put them up on your own wall because you are pretty special? The possibilities are endless!

3) Nothing says I love you like dictatorgrams!

Happy Balemtimes!


Your friend Lina


  1. If you decide you want to send me one, it should defs be Marx. Too funny and you know I loves me some Marx. And some Lina.

    Also congrats and enjoy fashion week!