Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Again

So as everyone has noticed it this neck of the woods, but it's winter again boys and girls!

To accompany the blustery wind and blowing snow, I've also busted out this old scarf of mine.  I made probably about two or three years ago now, but it is the warmest, stretchiest, most cozy thing I own.  That plus this over-the-knee socks makes this resurgent cold totally bearable.

All these dark, blue, and wintry pieces also put me in mind of a very good friend of mine who frequents this palette as much as I frequent black with punches of red or leopard print.  So a tribute to her as well as a tribute to practicality!

Scarf - Hand-made
Cardigan - Primark
Shirt - Joe Fresh
Skirt - Forever 21
Tights - Joe Fresh
Socks - American Apparel
Ring - Gift from my cousin

Lots of varients herein will be donned in the next little while, I can assure you boys and girls!

Also, I promise that I will soon address the wonderment that was Ottawa Fashion Week.  I'm also going to have a fun announcement in the next few weeks as well!

Keep warm boys and girls!


Your friend Lina 

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  1. Love this outfit :) I can't believe you made that scarf! Fabulous!

    xo Jennifer